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Happy Veterans Day!

We honor and thank our military veterans for their service to our country!  


Lofts on Arthington Receives Another Award

We are proud to announce that one of our projects, the Lofts on Arthington recently won its second award this year. Todd Wolcott and Mark Angelini of Mercy Housing Lakefront recently accepted the 2019 Chicago Landmark Award for Preservation Excellence. 




November Birthdays

Happy birthday to all the November babies: Essie Griffin (1), Ken Maiberger (2), Ryan Jesse (4), Ray Cisco, Dan Jatis, and Paul Nemeth (9), Marty Halvey (10), Rich Phelan (11), Colby Egan, Susan Martines, Al Valenzuela, and Doug Paxson (17), Jared Natalino (18), Diana Gaona (19), Amish Patel (20), Jeanne Bartels and Stephen Adamson (27), and Gaurang Malviya (28).

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3 ‘Giant’ AEC market trends for 2019-2020

We’re starting to see a shift toward custom research, thanks in part to the influx of data, data tools, and analytics expertise in the AEC market.

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$50 Million ‘Creative Office Campus’ Planned For Old Lighting Warehouses In West Humboldt Park

As rents continue to rise in booming Fulton Market, developers hope to lure the tech companies and creative crowd to Humboldt Lit.

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Did You Know? 13 Social Media Facts for Contractors


As someone who builds things for a living, I imagine you have to be pretty precise when it comes to measurements. Off an inch here or there and in six months the drywall is cracking.

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Our Mission: To provide a seamless and positive project experience with excellence and innovation.

Construction Safety Tips

Construction can be a hazardous task, especially if preventative safety measures aren’t taken. Falls, collapses, and electrical shock are just some of the hazards that put construction workers at risk, whether they are working on an interior or exterior project. In order to avoid such injuries, safety on a construction site is a must.

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Personal Trainers' Top Tips

Ever wonder what top trainers tell their best clients?

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Accelerating project schedules with immersive collaboration


The process of designing and constructing buildings can be an overwhelmingly complex task. Innumerable operations, adjustments and decisions—small and monumental—made over months, even years, eventually result in a flourishing school, hospital or civic space that proudly serves its community.

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